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Old 10-December-2010, 13:32
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Question Tesco Broadband Bundled??

So what are peoples thoughts on this? Does any one have experience of their new product and what the after sales is like if you have issues?
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Old 11-December-2010, 11:32
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Default Re: Tesco Broadband Bundled??

Welcome to TS John.
It looks like not many of us have any experience of this service, you might be better advised to Google any reviews available.
If you can keep your head when those around are losing theirs, maybe you just don't understand the situation.........
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Old 07-March-2011, 15:29
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Default Re: Tesco Broadband Bundled??

Bundled as in broadband and home phone.

I will tell you AVOID. I have just today successfully transfered to bt and boy am I relieved.

All the reports you read on billing problems or great until something needs resolving are in my experience to be believed.

They sold me a package and right from the start the bband was playing up. I have a fall detector linked to alarm and phone line for illness and they blamed this as the reason for the fault and said they would allow me to leave as could not support it, confusing as was also told it was an exchange problem, who then also forgot that was said. In the end got a call saying was not my alarm you see as I had raised it as an issue at point of sale that would only go to tesco if they could support it as in okay on their line.

Anyway encouraged to stay and they say will sort it, I suggest it is the router but they keep me going through various fixes which dont last, but anyway due to nearly leaving and then persuaded to stay I then have my line slammed by another provider twice, yep not once but twice.

Tesco say it is nothing to do with them and I am now not their customer for phone or bband. Ofcom and other provider insist as tesco are my current provider it is up to them to sort it. First time back on in three days, second time it was about three odd weeks. You see the second time they didnt treat me as an emergency despite my alarm!!!!

Eventually back on and relieved and router is also changed and now bband is fine. Then comes the inept billing side who have already been ringing me during no service for non paying the bill even down to suggesting insufficient funds. Customer services say they will deal with them and after all it was them who suggested whilst no service to suspend the dd to stop me paying for no service as I had said it was out of order.

Then they charge me for time I didnt have the service and I am asked to pay it and get a credit the following month due to them apparantly using third party billing. This is agreed and the next month comes along and the bill is again incorect, I am told the person dealing with the credits noticed many credits on my acct and thought there was an error so overode the credit and ignored it without checking with supervisor or contacting me even.

They insist that unless I pay the bill even though it is a repeated error that my line will be at risk and after what has happened with their terrible response to the slamming and my being at risk with no alarm, I am horified.

I suggest they sort the bill and I again suspend the dd untill they get it correct and happy to reinstate when done. They tell me there is also later a dd fault affecting some of their customers and this then explains why when my dd is reinstated the money is now not going out. It is me doing all the chasing over these months.

They eventually to overide the system wipe the bill and then my next bill should go out okay, but it doesnt and I am told by customer services that they have a major system fault re dds and that they will sort it by trying on another call to set up a new dd, remember the other dd is ready confirmed by my bank. I even inform them to make sure they are using the same reference number.

Hear nothing and the dd is still not going out, during this time they do not ask for the money in any other way and just say when asked the bill will carry over to the next month and it will be sorted.

After a while I again ring them when received two emails saying they are setting up another dd and find it odd to get two, but anyhow the next day I receive email saying I have changed my details and how important it is to keep them informed

I ring them and to cut it short they blamed my bank, then me for stopping the dd hinting it was not up and running. My bank is sending letter confirming for instance that the dd has been up and running with no detail change and the only times they have been stopped from taking monies, is during times when the dd was suspended due to no service, or inacurate bills and that they were told when it was up and running.

For instance dd reinstated 14/12/2010 and the only time my bank says they tried to take any money was after it was stopped and they had been notified both in email from my bank and verbally when line threatened by me.

They are shoddy and have no communication between billing and customer services and blame the customer. They keep refering to being young to the telecom business as excuses for errors, how long do they have to be in business before they take responsibility.

But during this time the billing side threatened debt dept and cutting my line as a result of me calling them promptly when realising the dd had not gone out. They on our last call pushed me to change to bt and leave them due to threatening my line again.

They have since said the issues were over me stopping the dd, LIES my bank are backing me up.

They have since told me the recorded conversation I have with their man telling me about the dd fault, was untrue, LIES and they know I have it recorded.

They have told me they are sending me deadlock letter out. Over a week later it hasnt arrived. Last friday I demanded a copy of it politely and today letter frankmarked 4/3/3011 arrives with a copy of an irelevant letter, they have printed it off instead of the deadlock letter supposedly sent.

I can honestly say if any of this saga was my fault I would leave it and let go, but you see I recorded all my calls to and from them automatically on a device called true call from dragons den and they can be clearly heard adivsing this and that and what to do or what they will do to remedy and they have admitted they didnt do it.


I am planning to sue them for the difference in cost of my new contract due to their inept service as I have all the evidence I need.

I mean tesco you couldnt even send the letter to me I had to get in touch with ceo office and get a .doc file or it. I want a proper paper copy that I can use in a court of law as they have also stated they have only had ever one payment off me, LIES inacurate and that they have credited my account by a substantial ammount and feel that covers their errors.

Hang on the credit was because I had no service on two occassions and credit because they couldnt sort their own billing error and credit because they coudnt sort their supposed dd issue. They tell me from a business perspective I need to understand they will not compensate me, but from my purse perspective I beg to differ and am after them for 300.00 plus pounds.

If any of my tesco speak as in excuses rings true with you as in dd issue which I have found refered on another forum or wanting us to understand they are new to the business please post.

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