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Old 26-July-2009, 19:08
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Default PS3, Tiscali TV and my own router

Hi there, I'm new to this forum and in need of help/advice.
I was originally with HomeChoice TV broadbanrd and phone, and had my own router (set top box was the modem).
One day the box packed up and I had no choice but to take on their new box. This is a Customised Thomson ST585 adsl modem router with a setup box plugged into it.

Anyway, I've had numerous problems with this router, particularly uPNP tests failing and my PS3 being allocated NAT Type: Nat-3 (not good)

1) Can anyone help me with my PS3 connection issues? I've forwarded the correct ports, enabled uPnP.
But the PS3 internet connection test says uPnP is Not Available and Nat-3 (wasn't happening on my old setup). I've tried playing games and it does indeed fail to connect to other players hosting a game.

2) As a backup plan I was wondering if I could simply replace their modem/router with my own one like netgear or Linksys. My concern is this TV set top box, will it still work or is it hardwired to only work with this modem/router they provided me?

any help/advice is much appreciated

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Old 27-July-2009, 05:55
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Default Re: PS3, Tiscali TV and my own router

tiscali,not a good choice,but as for using your own router/modem,then yeh it will work,as long as you know all the tiscrapi setting to enter in at setup,(so you can log on to their network)as for if the set top box will work ??? pass on that,,but if you do not need to watch tv broadcasts and play online using a console ps xbox360 ect ect, at the same time,then you should have no problems,just swap them over,and back again,unless you can use both routers together,but knowning tiscali it will be locked or acess to certain parts of it will be,
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