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Old 09-October-2011, 00:36
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Default Tesco withholding login info

I've got fed up with the Thompson TG580 router that was supplied so decided to obtain a different one. To install I naturally need the username and password to be able to connect to their internet service. The username is clear on the config screens but the password is asterix out. So I phoned them and they have refused to give the password!! The operator, and his line manager, are not 'authorised' to give that information as they will no longer be able to support my equipment. I went
So having got absolutely nowhere, anybody know how to recover the info from the thomson router?
I have tried Routerpassview but it only reads the config backup file in hex and I'm yet to see what I'm looking for!
Anybody help?
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Old 09-October-2011, 08:14
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Default Re: Tesco withholding login info

sometimes if you right click on the config screen (which is showing the ***'s) and pick "view source" you can see the underlying password information

another way is just to say you hit the reset on the original router and need to re-enter the details,. i.e. don't mention you are trying to use another router (really that is BS they won't tell you what password to use regardless of router)
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Old 09-October-2011, 13:19
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Default Re: Tesco withholding login info

I sent them an email last night, after I posted, and I got a reply this morning.
The email merely suggested that I should call them as they can't give the info by email. So I called them again.
It appears that the agent lied and has even put on my file that the reason they couldn't give out the info is because I didn't know my account details for security!! So I now have the info I needed and a complaint in place; they are going to listen to the recording of the conversation and hopefully pay me some compo!
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Old 10-October-2011, 15:05
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Default Re: Tesco withholding login info

There is no reason for them to hold this information from you. If you do use your own router they wont provide any technical assitance for it however.

Just call and say the Thomson router is rubbish and you require the network login details to use your own router. They should give them to you, as you are entitled to use your own router if the one given does not fulfil your needs. And lets be honest, that Thomson router is a pile of $h!t

Hope this helps.
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