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Old 03-January-2014, 02:54
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News! Syrian Electronic Army Hacked Skype's Twitter Account and Blog

Skype's Twitter account was hacked by people claiming to be the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), who left nice anti-Microsoft messages. Here is an example of one:
Don't use Microsoft emails(hotmail,outlook), They are monitoring your accounts and selling your data to the governments. More details soon.

Skype's blog was also the target for similar posts calling for Skype to stop allowing the NSA to access its data.

I'm afraid I laughed my head off when I read about this! Microsoft/Skype's security breached twice and near enough at the same time. Good going! The messages say nothing new to I presume most people or do people really have no idea?

Microsoft bought Skype for a reason. That happens to be after the NSA promised to make anyone who could crack Skype very rich indeed. M$ buy Skype then replace "super nodes" with thousands of Linux servers! Do the maths.

As may already be evident, I am voting with my feet. I was very close to installing Skype before Microsoft bought it! My concern then was bandwidth consumption and most certainly not security. My ancient hotmail account has been practically dead for quite a while now. Operating systems being replaced with Linux. It's buh-bye Microsoft! If you choose to do the same, watch out because it is a minefield out there!

Anyhow, it happened and it must be very embarrassing for M$. Do you trust them?
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