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Default I gotta virus!!! >>

My Norton;s A V V is going mental.

I have a virus called win32 HLLW.Acebo

It keeps trying to leave the following in my start up menu::


and it turns my firewall off and disconnects my ADSL.

I've followed the advice on Nortons and gone through the REGEDIT, but the poxy thing is still there.
It's gets quarantined but A V V cannot repair it.

I've used Trojan Remover (4.8.2) AND Trojan Clean up..these have not found the virus... online virus checkers don't find anything..

any ideas???
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if you can get on the norton site have a look for a cleaner specifically for the virus you describe.

have had a couple in the past and find the killers written for individual virus's better than a catchall cleaner.

hopefully that will help

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'but A cannot repair it.' - ok but sometimes (well quite often) the file that it finds is the trojan, i.e. 'repairing' is not possible, you can only delete it.

what AV progs mean by 'repair' is that a previously good file (like mypic.gif) got infected and the AV prog is able to remove the infection an return the file to it's good state.. this isn't possible if the file is the trojan - (like umm atrojen.exe)

delete it - or rename it to trojan.zip (or something - basically change it's file extention to a non-runnable file type)

the file if it's running (?) must be getting started somewhere.,, like tony says see if there's specific cleaners for that trojan

good luck

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nah, no specific cleaner..however...

in Run-msconfig...an application keeps appearing called OSTMVT.exe.

Nortons says something anout it being to do with Microsoft Diagnostic......the path of this OSTMVT.exe...is windows/system/ms diagnostic...so I mighgt have got the bugger...
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