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Exclamation New.Net sues Lavasoft

New.Net sues Lavasoft

New.Net has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County against Lavasoft and Nicolas Stark Computing AB for
libel and false advertising.

Lavasoft is the distributor of Ad-aware spyware remover. Ad-aware is one of the most popular and widely
used spyware/hijackware removal programs in the world. It comes in three flavors, the free Standard
version and the $26.95 Plus version for home users, as well as the $39.95 Professional version for
business users. Nicolas Stark is the lead developer of Ad-aware and one of the owners of Nicolas Stark
Computing AB, which publishes the software.

New.net is a company that sells third and fourth level subdomains as "top level domains". For example,
the domain http://www.book.shop actually resolves to http://www.book.shop.new.net if you are a New.Net
user. These domains are unofficial and won't resolve without a software plug-in unless you receive your
internet access from an ISP which has modified its customer's name servers to use new.net domains. There
is a list of these ISPs at http://www.new.net/about_us_partners.tp#ISP. New.net estimates that they have
over 186 million users worldwide.

The complaint filed by New.Net is as follows. "Complaint for false advertising, trade libel. Defendant
falsely targets plaintiff as a 'Data Miner,' and prompts the computer user to remove the New.net's client
software." In fact, Ad-aware does no such thing. Ad-aware lists components of the targets in its
database, then waits for the user to decide what to do. Ad-aware removes nothing unless the user
instructs it to do so.

Lavasoft denies that New.Net's software is listed as a "data miner" and states that it is actually
listed as "miscellaneous". I have downloaded a component of New.Net to have Ad-aware scan it, and sure
enough it is listed as "Misc" and not "data miner".

New.Net Object recognized!
__Type_______________: File
__Data_______________: uninstall4_80.exe
__Category_________: Misc
__Object____________: C:Program FilesNewDotNet

Lavasoft does not confirm that there is a lawsuit, and New.Net does not deny it. "While we are aware of
the complaint, and have responded to their inquires (sic), we have not yet received a reply" is what
Lavasoft spokesman Michael Wood said of the situation.

Both companies are being very quiet about the issue. No doubt both companies wish to avoid the sort of
flame war that tends to break out whenever New.Net and Ad-aware are both mentioned in the same breath.
New.Net's CEO Dan Sheehy has promised to answer some questions that I have sent to him. I'll have those
questions and answers for you when they are returned to

http://www.lavasoft.de/ Lavasoft's web site
http://www.new.net/ New.Net's web site
from http://www.spywareinfo.com

Shape of things to come possibly..

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