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Old 25-October-2001, 13:08
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Well, this is the first time I've read and posted in this thread. I'm afraid to have to say, but on any vBulletin forum, any thread which is marked as "Important" and which stays at the top is one that I usually ignore, I don't really believe that anything in a forum can be really important.

Still, that aside, I'm starting to consider joining in again. Mind you, there's no way I'm going to leave my computer on all night, there's also no way that I'm going to be happy to have the program running whilst doing things that seem to be quite CPU intensive, such as playing MPEGs or DVDs. Which I tend to do a lot. So, yes, it's ok for it to run in the background, but the UD program must be incredibly easy to stop when I want to. Can anyone comment? Thanks.

I still sometimes get occasional dropped frames with PowerDVD, and I'm not quite sure why yet. The diagnostic says "We strongly recommend you to install the IDE or bus master driver that comes with your motherboard and enable the DMA mode for accessing your DVD-ROM." I'm sure I've done this already, several times, but it still says it. What's wrong? With all due respect, I'd like to get this sorted out first before considering joining this cancer research thing, partly because of the amount of money I've spent on DVD hardware and rentals.

Having said that, ok, I've had generally bad experiences of installing new software in the past, but recent experiences seem to be a bit better.

On the subject of the autodialler, personally I wouldn't do it, but that's only because I want to have full control of my phone line. Whether the plain text password constitutes a security risk depends on your ISP, in my opinion.

In particular, it depends on whether your dial-up uses CLI authentication or not. If they do, then it really doesn't matter whether anyone discovers your password or not. The worst that could happen if someone does is that they might be able to read your email or deface your personal web pages. However, even that can be avoided if you use alternative services that don't use the same password.

However, on the other hand, if you use a dial-up without CLI authentication, and can use it on any phone line, I would recommend thinking twice about using this autodialler program.

This means that in the UK, ISP's that it's ok to use the autodialler with include Tiscali Unlimited, NTLworld and any of the Surf Together ISP's. Or any 0845 ISP. ISP's that should NOT be used for this purpose include 08002go, Demon Internet and possibly BT Anytime as well.
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