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Default AOL The Truth

here what there online customer support just told me.
pls excluse my speeelling.

21:49:15 System Binny David has joined this session!
21:49:15 System Connected with Binny David
21:49:15 System Welcome to AOL Live Help. How might I be of service to you?
21:49:23 You hello
21:49:24 Binny David Good Evening
21:49:35 Binny David Could you please elaborate on the issue so that I could assist you better ?
21:49:48 You
i want to know why i am getting 800 % packate loss
21:49:56 You 80%
21:50:18 You it happens between 4 pm and 10 pm
21:50:49 You and there seems to be a hidden 60gb download limit
21:51:02 You i play online games
21:51:55 Binny David First, I would like to inform you that the 6 GB limit is set as per the FUP policy introduced by AOL in February 2007. Details for it are mentioned on AOL keyword: COS
21:52:13 You set a 6 gb limit on gold members
21:52:15 Binny David Second, as far as the packet data loss is concerned, it is due to the migration of AOL networks.
21:52:35 Binny David Sorry, it was 60
21:52:45 Binny David It has affected AOL software, online gaming sites, and gaming consoles.
21:53:00 You ok what are you doing to fit it
21:53:07 You fix
21:53:29 You is it cause of crap car phone whorehouse
21:54:05 Binny David An online fix is in testing phase to clear this problem. As soon as its launched, these issues would be resolved automatically.
21:54:28 You what kind of fit is it
21:54:34 You #fix
21:55:17 You and is it cause you are transfering us to car phone warehouses servers ?
21:55:35 Binny David Its a patch to create a sort of bridge between AOL software, online gaming sites, gaming consoles and the new network.
21:55:47 You that sounds dodgy
21:55:55 Binny David So that they can work properly on the new network.
21:56:06 You what new network?
21:56:28 You and i need details on the "FIX" plrase
21:56:32 You
21:56:55 Binny David Earlier the AOL servers were based in US, under AOL Inc.
21:57:03 You right
21:57:05 Binny David They are currently being moved to UK servers under the OPAL Network.
21:57:12 You ok
21:57:21 You so why is there need of a fix
21:57:55 You and why is a simple repointing causing 80% packet loss in online games
21:58:05 Binny David Because, the AOL software, online gaming sites, gaming consoles, have been affected the most with this changeover.
21:58:35 Binny David Packet data lost, slow web browsing, unable to connect to the network are the 3 main reasons.
21:58:58 You ok when is the fix in place
21:59:35 Binny David As of now, we do not have any information when the patch would be rolled out.
21:59:55 Binny David However, I have forwarded your screen name to the server team as you have a major packet loss issue.
22:00:05 You ok i want you to get me some money off
22:00:44 You in fact i want to cancel
22:00:45 Binny David Refunds/Credits are arranged by the Phone Support Team only.
22:00:45 Binny David Their number is 0844 499 55 55.
22:01:04 You i've tryed that bunch of **** wits
22:01:05 Binny David If you wish to cancel your account, you will need to contact our Cancellation Department. You can do this by calling 0844 499 55 55. Please note that the Cancellations department closes at 9 pm.
22:01:32 You all i want is to be shot of AOL now
22:02:04 You can you explain to me about this fix how will it work
22:02:11 You is it s server fix ??
22:02:45 Binny David I am sorry but as of now, information on the fix is limited, as it has not been launched till yet.
22:03:19 You when did car phone warehouse take over?
22:04:15 Binny David In February 2007, AOL UK broadband and Carphone Warehouse had a business merger,
22:04:32 You when did the serve issues strart
22:04:38 Binny David Thereby, AOL UK broadband was changed to AOL Broadband.
22:05:16 You so when did the problems start
22:05:45 Binny David The migration started in January 2008.
22:06:02 You what ip address should i be getting on OPAL Network.
22:06:05 Binny David Major problems started during the first week of March.
22:06:25 Binny David As of now, both servers (AOL Inc, and Opal Network) are working.
22:06:45 Binny David So, we cannot determine which IP Address should work.
22:07:15 Binny David Once the AOL Inc servers are closed and Opal Network is fully operational, we would be able to get more information and tools regarding it
22:07:34 You
so i think i am on the old ip range if so why am i having issues
22:07:46 You
what is the new ip range
22:08:15 Binny David As far as I know, there would be hardly any change in the IP range.
22:08:35 Binny David As AOL has a dynamic IP, which changes automatically.
22:09:04 You so moving from an us server to a uk server will have the same ip range
22:09:05 Binny David The changeover of networks changes the way in which your PC connects to Internet.
22:09:21 You are you sure
22:09:55 Binny David Where IP is concerned, the PC is assigned one randomly by the server.
22:10:11 You 172.141 XXXXXx range at the moment
22:10:25 Binny David Even when your connection was via AOL Inc which is based in US, there were not any issues with it.
22:11:12 You
yes but i am still connected to the us servers not the uk ones
22:11:55 Binny David Accounts are being moved to the new network in batches.
22:12:05 Binny David It is still ongoing.
22:12:09 You
when will my account be moved
22:12:35 Binny David You will get a pop up informing you about the changeover.
22:12:50 You i don't use any aol software is rubbish
22:13:16 You
so can you check
22:13:25 Binny David I can arrange for an Email to be forwarded to you in that case.
22:14:55 Binny David Your account has not been moved to the new network till now
22:15:31 You
ok let get this down 1) there is a magic fix that we don't have a releae date for which may fix an issue with packet loss, 2) ontop of that i need to have my account moved to a different server. 3) there is a hidden 60gb download limit i was not told about
22:16:55 Binny David For the (3) point, Emails were sent to all AOL email addresses in January 2007, informing about the introduction of FUP.
22:17:12 You
ok points 1 and 2 ?
22:17:45 Binny David I have already given all the information regarding them
22:19:11 You you not really given me anything , no dates, no information just a list of problems AOL has with no fixs.
22:19:45 Binny David I have given the information that we have as of now.
22:20:05 Binny David There are no fixed dates for the accounts migration as it is randomly done.
22:20:25 Binny David The fix is still in testing, that's the only update we have related to it.
22:20:25 Binny David Is there anything else I can help you with ?
22:20:26 You
oh dear
22:21:02 You
is there a way of getting my aol emails with out using ****** aol software
22:22:15 Binny David You can use the web site: www.aol.co.uk for it..
22:22:38 You ok thanks for your help have a good evening
22:22:45 Binny David Thank you for calling in to us, please come back to Live Help again if you have any further questions. Goodbye :-)
22:22:45 System Binny David has left this session!
22:22:45 System The session has ended!
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Default Re: AOL The Truth

at least they were honest?,. yes it's broke and we don't know when it'll be fixed!
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Thumbs down Re: AOL The Truth

aol have the most useless technicains on the face of this earth i am well versed in computer tech and they talk to me like i am stupid i was told by one of their indian technicians on the phone to stop asking so many questions i asked to speak to his supervisor and he put me on hold i hung up after 20mins aol their service and their customer service is a complete joke when this contract is up i am out of their my advice to anyone thinking of going to aol is dont stay away you can only speek to someone with good english when you are buying something from them their techinical support is next to useless and expensive stay away some of the great advice they have given me over the past few days are listed below
1. down the new software onilne. ( i cant get ****in onilne u knob)
borrow a friends cpomputer to see if they are havin the same problem. ( whats that got to do with my computer)
go to an internet cafe when you need to log into face book (why do i need a home computer then what ami paying them for )
i have more but really cant be bothered
assholes open for lunitiacs
stay away from them warning warning warning there thick as ****
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Default Re: AOL The Truth

You could possibly pay less for a similar level of support as they are owned by talk talk or should that be stalk stalk, budget isp at the end of the day some aol customers are still getting their service via resold btw products, which can sometimes be responsible also ,i had a bad experience with tiscali like many people have, as the saying goes once bitten............. Never again will i go down the budget isp road, even if it was free i would not sign up,

once you have had a good service there is no going back, so apart from a very small number of isp's the rest can go to hell for me

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Default Re: AOL The Truth

I don't know if this will help anyone but I have just got AOL to terminate my contract without penalty after 7 months.

I just wrote to them detailing the crap service and number of dropouts and told them I wanted to be out of the contract without penalty and with a MAC code.

They wrote back and said no, so I wrote again and asked them for a "dead lock" letter that I could send to OFCOM. Low and behold they replied with a letter giving a MAC code and saying that charges were due but these would be waived. VOILA.

PLease get in touch if you want further info. Yes, their service is diabolical. I'e been with them since they were Compuserve but will be with someone else soon.
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