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I am writing this to let you know about my experiences with Pipex/tiscali. They were my phone and broadband providor for 5 years up until January 2009. I contacted them to change providors due to poor download speed and poor customer service. When i called to cancel phone and broadband, I was informed I couldn't as i was in a contract until August 2009 when my years contract expired. I told them how long I had been with them and surley my contract was well expired. I was then informed, as I had increased my download allowance last August, I was now contracted to stay with them for a year. I informed them I had not been made aware of this and at no time had i verbally agreed or signed any contract. Her reply was"I know but we are informing you now"!!! So the story so far
1. requested proof of contract - none recived
2. Requesting itemised bill to see how they came to final amount - Blank sheet of paper recieved.
3. Contacted complaints department - they were not interested.
4. My lawyer sends a letter - no response

that was back in July of this year. 2 weeks ago i recieved a letter from a debt colecting agency demanding payment of 164 they threatened they would come to my door if I failed to pay, to "investigate my lifestyle" . Another letter followed last week, then 6 days ago a lawyers letter threatening court action. Today a phonecall from lawer requesting payment. I have made a complaint 4 days ago through ISPA, no responce. Phoned OFCOM today, they can't help as initial complaint was made more than 9 months ago. This is blatant harrassmant from a bullyboy company that is not interested in their customers. There was no contract so I owe them no money but if I don't give them it I will be blacklisted. STAY WELL AWAY FROM THEM!
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