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Default tiscali victory

After months of dispute with Tiscali, who insisted that I had agreed to a renewal of contract, after I decided to go to another provider, they have finally backed down. This is all thanks to Ombudsman Services. I contacted them a few weeks ago, and I can't thank them enough for getting Tiscali off my back. It's taken a lot of determination on my part, but I knew I was right, and that I had never had any contact with them whatsoever about renewing a contract for a service which was very substandard. Tiscali are a terrible company to deal with, I have been passed from pillar to post over the months, never getting any straight answers. Most people would have given, especially those of my age group, but I'm glad that I didn't.
I picked up the details of Ombudsman Services from this website - Thank you,
Thank you, Thank you.
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Default Re: tiscali victory

Well done cedric, glad you got things sorted
Nice to see info on The-Scream helped you get a result.

OH! see it is your first post as well, so welcome to The-Scream, there is lots of info here.

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Default Re: tiscali victory

Thats great news Cedric and another victory for one of the many being abused by that shoddy ripoff company.
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Default Re: tiscali victory

I am glad you got your tiscali problem sorted, I wish more (well everyone!) who has similar issues complained till they got a result, that is the only way to deal with such companies

thanks for letting us know, the most success stories posted will help encourage others

PS, welcome to TS!
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