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Default Unknown/New SpyBot ??

Hi everyone :p ,

I amm new here and are puzzle by one of the things in my computer .... everytime When my Computer is online a windows
/ Hidden program ... let me see how can I discribe it.... let say u turn on IE and microsoftword when u want to move between those two program u use Alt - tab right ? and u see the little box bounching between those two icon at the explorer bar at the bottom ( by the way I am using XP ) ok here's the thing now just these few days when I use that there is one extra "invisible" icon in there where in programm name it is called SP and I can't terminate the program nor locate it any where I tried task Manager :( no help either can anyone give me a hand or hint ?

thx a bunch
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after looking around google i can't seem to find much.

download spybot search and destroy. http://www.safer-networking.org/

Update it then scan.

see if it gets anything...
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Hi Vol,

download the hijack pack and run 'hijack this', it will tell you what is started with windows :)

See <thread>:Hijack Pack.


PS, welcome to TS! :)
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