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Old 08-September-2005, 16:23
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Angry Bt Voyager 205 Adsl Router Problems

My Emule Is Not Working With That Modem... The Port 4662 Or 4672 Tcp And Upd Is Close By The Router...

How Can I Open That Ports?? By Nat Rule??[/font]

Help Help Help... Thx!!!!![/b]
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Old 08-September-2005, 16:34
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Default Re: Bt Voyager 205 Adsl Router Problems

Have a read

SG5 Short Url
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Old 10-November-2006, 21:30
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Default Re: Bt Voyager 205 Adsl Router Problems

how do i turn the firewall of in the router
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Old 08-January-2009, 13:30
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Default Re: Bt Voyager 205 Adsl Router Problems

I have been using this modem/router for some years. It generally works fine, but has an annoying fault that may be a design bug; it may be a fault, I don't know.

When there is a power outage, the 205 does not resume operation properly when power is restored. It sits there impotently with one lED lit instead of the usual 3. I find I can coax it into operation after power is resumed by powering it on and off several (between 3 and 25) times with the rear on/off switch.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? If it is a fault and not a design bug, where can I get a cheap replacement 205? I don't want to have to mess about reconfiguring a new, different router or anything, I just want to plug the replacement router in and watch it wake up and work - like it should.

Thoughts, anyone?
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Old 19-January-2009, 19:58
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Default Re: Bt Voyager 205 Adsl Router Problems

There's 10 in ebay at the moment around 99p plus postage
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Old 15-August-2010, 14:36
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Default Re: Bt Voyager 205 Adsl Router Problems

Did you ever sort this other than getting a replacement?
I have just bought one on eBay, allegedly new and unused, and it does the same thing whenever I try to switch it on.
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