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Old 20-January-2014, 12:52
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Default "LinkedIn" - security risks and spamming

Wonder if other members of "The Scream" belong to this organisation or have had experience of being spammed by their members.

Here’s my experience and assessment of LinkedIn as set out in an email to the person who sent me the invitation to join:-

“<snip> .......accepted your invite to join “LinkedIn” but only on trust and would have otherwise researched before I joined.

Initially “LinkedIn” displayed quite an impressive list of the professionals I have previously been in touch with. After registration “LinkedIn” came up with a substantial supplementary list of “LinkedIn” members I might know. On this list were many retired people and those with whom my wife and I just had social contact or members of clubs or just individuals of companies to whom we had sent several emails.

Was concerned that I had given consent for an organisation I did not know to have access to our email data about members of our various clubs, professionals with whom we had been in touch and the individuals responsible for customer services. Some had professional backgrounds but others were not friends or acquaintances but just those we had emailed in the past.

Decided to do a little research. The huge membership list made me feel that this was a profit making organisation making money through spamming email lists of potential new members.

I called a stop to things when I realised “LinkedIn” had hacked my list of email contacts to provide a list of people to whom spam mails would be sent.

For security reasons we deleted a substantial list of our email contacts leaving just one address for a private company in our ownership. A message was sent to that company stating I had invited them to join “LinkedIn”. I am pleased my security action prevented what some would regard as spam mail being sent to so many acquaintances.

My thoughts about security risks seem to be endorsed by these articles:-

The Guardian - security risks from LinkedIn
The Guardian - hacking of LinkedIn data <snip>

I have spoken to a few other people who now have received what appears to me could amounts to unsolicited endorsement of they also regard as a spamming network. They too are not happy with their introduction to the service and the ability to cancel.

I am thinking of leaving of leaving “LinkedIn” as I hate to think of this company having hacked into and storing my list of email contents.

Not sure yet how to leave “LinkedIn” with assurances that my database of email addresses in no longer accessible by their systems or not stored by them.

The default pages of a comprehensive list of my contacts keeps appearing in “LinkedIn” and it is set as “send all”. Surely this encourages spam mail more than if the default option was to tick box those to whom you want to send an invite?
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Old 24-March-2014, 20:30
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Default Re: "LinkedIn" - security risks and spamming

I have found that once people get a hold of your LinkedIn information, they are going to be able to fill in the blanks for themselves. Worse yet, a friend had their LinkedIn compromised and they used that information to get into his Facebook. Once that happened (yes he made the classic mistake of using the same pass everywhere) he was completely overtaken. Good info this
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