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Old 13-May-2006, 20:39
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Default Help With Re-Establishing Wireless Internet Connection

I am having a nightmare.

My wireless network was operating fine until today. The network consists of my desktop which is wired and my sons desktop which is wireless.

I recently subscribed to Vonage and they sent me their Linksys phone adaptor. To cut a long story short, I have neen trying various settings with my router to improve audio quality of the VOIP, all to no avail. Finally, I thought that setting my router as an access point might help the matter. It didnt and I had to phone Belkin and they talked me through resetting the router. Since then, I have had problems reestablishing connectivity to the network fro my son's desktop.

The wireless icons on the PC show that he is connected to the wireless network, but when I try to access any web page I get the standard error message saying we cannot connect.

I have established the router settings to the same as they were before (they must be correct if the Belkin client on his PC says he is connected to the network) but we still cant connect.

I have tried looking at the TCP/IP settings for the network connection. Usually they are set to obtain an IP automatically, but when I do an "ipconfig" there is no IP address. If I do an ipconfig /release, it releases the IP address, but an ipconfig /renew comes up with an error message about being unable to connect to the DHCP server.

I have tried adding my own IP address, but to no avail. I have also tried with the firewalls on each PC disable - again, no luck.

I have a Belkin Pre N router.

Help please?

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Old 15-May-2006, 21:49
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Default Re: Help With Re-Establishing Wireless Internet Connection

I find it's always better, and sometimes necessary, to disable DHCP completely and assign static addresses.

Have you tried the ipconfig /flushdns command?
Is there a firewall at work? Don't forget the XP firewall.
Disable any wireless encryption temporarily.
Take Vonage and any other superfluous equipment out of the equation and get your basic setup working first.
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