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Post Help with Samsung Galaxy S3 Problem

I'm posting this here as there is no section for mobile phone help. So I'm hoping someone with be able to help here.

My friend has a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and can receive photo attachments from everyone else in a MMS except one person. When this person sends a photo message, all my friend gets on her mobile is 'download' button in the text message. If she selects the 'download' button, it starts downloading as a coloured line appears and the colour is moving, as it does when things are downloading, then nothing happens. We have checked in the photo gallery but there is nothing there and the photo does not open in the message.

Has anyone got any ideas as to why it is doing this?? The person sending the photo has a Nokia N8. He has sent me a photo the same way he sent one to my friend and I saw mine, without having to do anything, in the text message... I also have a Samsung Galaxy S3.

As I can receive them from his phone it seems to me the problem lies with my friend's phone & how it is set up but I can't find anything that could suggest there is an incorrect setting anywhere and I didn't need to do anything special to mine to make it show photos received, so she shouldn't have to either, surely??

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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