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Default Emule or Hypermule


I have been using Emule for a long time and very quite happy with it, however hearing a few things about Hypermule - saying its faster and better. Has anyone used this and found it to be better / faster than the good old Emule - and does it take the same links as emule? Is there any reason to not use Hypermule going forward?


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Default Re: Emule or Hypermule

There are several modifications of emule, of which I have never used any.
I've always been happy with the standard emule.
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Default Re: Emule or Hypermule

First, excuse my poor english, my native languaje is spanish.
DO NOT use HyperMule. Is a leecher version of regular emule and the truth is, it makes everything slower. Why? Because HyperMule doesn't require uploading, so basically you increase your downloading speed by 1%, but the entire emule community gets slower. No uploading = less sources = slow download for EVERYBODY.
Pass it on!
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Exclamation Re: Emule or Hypermule

It is a software designed to destroy the P2P net, and who knows what other porposes.
see ya'
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Thumbs down Re: Emule or Hypermule

Its As Bad As A Virus!!!
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Default Re: Emule or Hypermule

Definitely don't. I'm using aMule (cross-platform eMule client), and am currently being pestered by some idiot who sends me messages every few hours advertising hypermule. I'm not at all surprised to hear that there's something dodgy about it.
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Wink Re: Emule or Hypermule

Yeah, I am getting the same stupid advertisements from that idiot too. Use aMule, forward your ports properly and most of all Run Linux!
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