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Lightbulb Please ! advice me how I should do

Has any one had the same situation as me, please, advice me !(I wish I should aware of bloody Tiscali service earlier !!!)

I use tiscali broadband 1 year and already finished the contract. After that, my LandLord want to use internet service and agree with me to use the same tiscali service ( we are greedy of tiscali cheap offer as 15 pounds/ month including free line rental,...).

On 1 st April 2008, we called tiscali to sign a new contract, but it got painful when imagining you were a football ball which was being passed around from different departments, what then ? we got answer (god bless me) after 1 hour. some one said that if we register a new account in order to use internet broadband, we have to wait for 2 weeks. Because of that, I still keept my old account to avoid waiting but I passed payment detail to my landlord who would pay monthly tiscali internet bill. A day after we registered, I log in and checked in my tiscali account, there has been my landlord payment detail on the screen. ( I thought everything was fine).

However, because of personal problem, me and my girlfriend moved house after 1 week. I was ok because Tiscali would not charge me, my landlord use and has to pay for the internet bill.

Unfortunately, a nightmare from tiscali chased after us.

on 16/6/2008, we were very surprise that we are still being charged ONE IN MAY AND ANOTHER IN JUNE from tiscali although we changed already payment detail on 1st April 2008. (at that time, there seems a fire in my head).

I called to tiscali billing department, complainted about their service and decided I want to cancel if possible.

totally I have 3 calls for tiscali about the problem.

In the first call, after my explaination about my situation, a Billing staff asked me to give them another account I also explained that we moved house 2 months ago and changed payment detail in the same time we renew the contract. More over, the staff told me try to contact to my old land lord to let them know and get the payment detail as well. It is not my fault but they asked me to deal with. if possible, I want to contact as well, but I have not have the landlord's contact and do not know when the land lord come back home. I also explained this to the staff. he said he noted my problem in the system.

2nd call, another guy in billing care service answered my call, I explain my situation about the wrong bill charge and my inconvenient situation in contact with the land lord. He said that I moved home, no longer use tiscali internet so I should contact this number 08450774488 (cancel department) in oder to cancel my contract and let the land lord have their own new account, after that, I will be refund 2 months. (god bless me )

3rd call in this morning, 19th June 2008.
I called the number of cancel department which was given from the second call. A woman ( her accent seems she is from middle east) got my call. I explained again she said that If I want to cancel, I will be charged more 1 month and get no refund she told me that she had no rights to solve my situation and send me back to billing care service. Here after I had waited for 5 minute with a song then I got auto answering "the line are busy" ( I seemed I lose my control, if my girlfriend did not stop my, I would throw my mobile to wall).

What in the world is this service ? I reget that I am every stupid when I choose tiscali because of their very cheap offer.

an advice to anyone who still consider about ISP, should never ever choose tiscali event they have almost cheapest offer, and asking an advice from some one has experience dealing with the same situation as mine.
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Old 20-June-2008, 08:32
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Default Re: Please ! advice me how I should do

Hi there,

Welcome to TS!

Have a look at the advice given in his thread : http://www.the-scream.co.uk/forums/t27290.html?

You should do the same and send a complaint to the ISPA who will hlp resolve your situation for you

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