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Old 18-October-2006, 18:19
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Default how long does isp's keep customer records

Hi Can you please tell me how long a isp keeps a customers records of what they are doing on the internet is it years weeks? I would like to know because some people say it getting like big brother here in England
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Old 18-October-2006, 21:09
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Default Re: how long does isp's keep customer records

The UK law states that all business owners must keep financial records and retain them for six years.

Although the level of record keeping required may vary from business to business, it should include:

* all receipts and expenditure
* all goods purchased or sold

That means a copy of every invoice / direct debit will be kept for a minimum six years.
This will of course include contact, payment details etc for the customer.

They may or may not include such data as IP addresses, usage statistics, logs etc.
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Old 18-October-2006, 23:42
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Default Re: how long does isp's keep customer records

I don't know is the short ans,. a starting point might be to look into the RIP stuff, couple o links or check google


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Old 21-October-2006, 20:32
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Default Re: how long does isp's keep customer records

Heard they had to keep internet logs for customers for 2 years
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Old 18-September-2008, 13:53
webster muverz
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Thumbs up what customer recoreds are

ello can u tell me what customer recoreds r plzzzzzzzz
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Old 18-September-2008, 22:11
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Default Re: how long does isp's keep customer records

I'm not sure if it's law-enforced, but we keep obvious logs such as mapping usernames to IP's at logon/off times, and also basic browsing history.

So for example, when you connect to the internet, we'll log who you are, what IP address you've been assigned, which sites you visit during your connection (eg google.co.uk, the-scream.co.uk) and at what times you've visited them, how long your connection was, and finally how much data you've transferred in total.

It's something like that anyways

Back to the original question, I don't think we actually disregard any of the recorded information, so it's stored (potentially) forever.

Of course, we also keep billing records, but those are a totally different matter.
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Old 24-September-2008, 08:42
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Default Re: how long does isp's keep customer records

Hi there,

The short answer is that it's probably going to differ from one ISP to the next. We published our data retention policy on our website a while back, although that might need a bit of a revamp if I'm honest.
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