Onslo`s TS Page


I stumbled upon The Scream! back in August 2000 while looking for help on problems I was experienceing with WorldOnline. I was astounded to find that others were also experiencing the same problems as me, and since WOL were denying people the support that they needed I decided to stick around to see if this forum could help me. I had no plans at the time to become a full team member!


I work as a broadcast engineer for a multi-national broadcast and film equipment developer, working shifts, which has it's ups and downs. I also find time to run my own company providing IT support and consultancy to small and medium enterprises. Fortunately my own business is growing and so I may not be doing the shifts for much longer... we shall see.

I left school at 16 and after wasting a year doing pretty much nothing, I joined my current employer under their trainee scheme, achieving a couple of qualifications in electronic engineering along the way. I now supervise a small team of engineers providing global support for the equipment, on a software and hardware level. It's not terribly exciting, but it pays well!.

I prefer doing work for my own business, which is pretty much anything computer orientated, from programming to network design and installation. I aim to do this full time at some stage, nothing like being your own boss!


I've worked on a few different websites over the years, other than TS!, some of which are listed here :

  • eSpyer A free resource for finding the best deals on computer bits.
  • SmallWorldChat I helped get this project started and am involved in the further development of it.
  • IdeasInform I get involved in projects for this site from time to time.