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Default TalkTalk Telly ?

I'm thinking of joining TalkTalk for the whole shebang (TV, Phone, BB) but not sure what I can get. Please can someone advise?

Currently a Sky TV customer with home phone and BB thru O2.

I have a multiroom account so i can see all my telly channels in the kitchen.

I have HD as I am a sucker for any old crud I get sold.

I can (apparently) get fibre for my BB which might be useful for telly as my O2 BB link is only 2Mb/s.

I want mostly the usual freeview channels but also Kids TV (Disney, Nickelodeon, etc.)

Can TalkTalk do all the TV I want AND multiroom ?

Could I get what I want with 2 YouView boxes ?

I definitely have at least 1 indoor Freeview aerial.

Confused, North Yorkshire.
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Default Re: TalkTalk Telly ?

The TalkTalk TV package (Youview) gives you only the Freeview channels if you connect just to a TV aerial, which would have to be a wideband one to get all the channels.

If you connect to your broadband as well, you also get catchup TV from the usual internet catchup channels such as BBC iPlayer, Demand5, 4OD etc., plus with TalkTalk you can get the TalkTalk player. Your broadband connection must have a minimum speed of 3Mb/s. Anything slower and you will suffer from buffering, with a few seconds of TV, a few seconds pause, then TV, then pause again etc.

You won't get any of the Sky channels, you need a Sky dish and receiver for that, as well as a Sky subscription package.

To check what you can receive, go here and click the Availability Checker http://www.youview.com/how-it-works/

I see no reason why you couldn't use two Youview boxes, through aerials, but your broadband speed would have to be fast enough to use two boxes connected to that.
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Default Re: TalkTalk Telly ?

Just browsing forums and wanted to add a quick correction.

At 2Mb/s, you are not going to be able to use a youview box, At 2.3 you can use unicast youview, or 3.8 for multicast, which allows access to boost channels. The faster your internet, the better your experience will be with youview, and if you can afford fibre, go for it.

Sky channels are available through boost packages on youview, and a link showing what you get for what amount can be found here: http://help2.talktalk.co.uk/tv/tv-boosts-and-channels.

If you do move to TT, and have issues, I would recommend using customer forums, rather than phone support. Phone support is a real weak link for them atm, though the forums support seem to be doing a decent job,
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