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Old 31-March-2004, 02:41
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Default A Question about Bittorrent/Burst

I'm a newbie to this forum, so I'll welcome myself aboard

My question is when using Bittorrent my don't really exceed say 40 KB/sec. Now its not bad, because when it gets consistent at that speed its ok, but I've heard better things about BT.

Upload and upload speed is unlimited so I don't think that is the problem. Using a router, but the ports have been forwarded.

I was wondering if burst! maybe doesn't properly count the number of seeders/leechers? If there is say 16 leechers and 2 seeders, why am I not downloading off of all of them?

Do most people get 100+ KB/sec on all their downloads?

Hopefully someone can help me out.

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Old 31-March-2004, 09:03
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40k secs not bad but you wont get 100ksec on a 512 connection.

what ports are forwarded on router burst uses 6880-6890

you could try to increase the number of peers slidy bar in burst mines around 50 mark
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Old 31-March-2004, 14:23
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My connection is supposed to go up to 3 MB per sec (3000 K) but clearly it won't that high consistently.

Nonetheless, should faster than 40 K.

Ports are 6881 - 6999.

I increased the slider bar. I guess we'll see.
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