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Old 18-December-2004, 23:30
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Default Adls wireless router problems


I got my M.S.I. ADSL wireless router today but im having some problems setting it up I have configured it right I think, but when I want to connect to AOL they ask for a modem so I followed the steps in AOL Networking How-To Page and it just paused trying to connect and came up saying my firewall was blocking it I have removed my firewall and it still has this question. So I ring them up and they say my router is not supported and they wouldnít help, I found out that it should work but AOL wont help me because they didnít sell it me I brought it from a shop.

On the AOL Networking How-To Page my MRU, MTU, MSS numbers are slightly different does this matter as I donít know what they mean. Another problem I have when not having my router in is I have a warning in my task bar displaying local connection 2, status = limited or no access I can still connect to the internet but I always get this error.

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Old 19-December-2004, 16:31
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Default Re: Adls wireless router problems

They don't support it cause it's too much hassle to train everyone on every router. Try turning off the windows firewall. The MRU, MTU,MSS etc might cause you problems but not the kind your having i dont think.

Oh and the message about "limited or no connectivity" i'm guessing the modem you have is the bt voyager 105 which uses PPPoE drivers making windows think you have a network but the ip address you have will probably be something like 192.254 or summit like that, anyway windows thinks your getting no connection because the ip address aol gives you is one that usually means there is no connection.
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Old 20-December-2004, 12:11
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Default Re: Adls wireless router problems

Generic router guide

AOL now supports the use of ADSL router connections, which allow the sharing of a single DSL line simultaneously between multiple computers.

When setting up a router, you will be prompted to enter certain details that govern the type of connection you establish. Depending on the hardware setup you have, the method for entering these details will differ however it is likely you will be prompted to enter them during the installation of your router and wireless adapter, should you choose to use a wireless setup.

Some router installation guides will automatically enter some of these, so it is possible that you will not be prompted for them all. In other cases, the naming of the options will be different so it is advised that if you have problems, you refer to the documentation included with the device.

Required Details

Connection Protocol PPPoA
VCI 38
Note that sometimes you will be asked for both the above figures together (VPI/VCI). In that instance, you enter them separated by a comma : 0,38

Username userid@aol.com
Password password

Recommendation: It is recommended that you create a new Screen Name for your router to connect to AOL. The new Screen Name you create should use a password that follows the three rules below:
1. The password cannot be longer than eight characters long.
2. The password must consist of letters and numbers only (i.e. no special characters, such as ! £ ? % and spaces).
3. The password must be all lowercase (no CAPITALS allowed).
Do not set your password to ?password? as this is easy to guess and could be insecure.
Also don?t forget to make a note of your password.
Don?t worry if you have already used all seven of your Screen Names. You can still use one of these but you will need to make sure the password follows the above rules.

Wireless settings

When configuring a wireless router, you may also be prompted for the following:

SSID This is the ?name? of the router that you are using and is used by wireless adapters when the attempt to establish a connection.

WEP Key: The WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) Key is the equivalent of a password on your router. Depending on your setup, it may be necessary to define one of these and ensure that any wireless adapters that connect to the router have the same key in their settings.

Network type There are a number of possible choices available here but if given the option, you should choose ?Base Station?.

WEP Keys

There are three formats of WEP Keys ? decimal (characters 0-9), hexadecimal (characters 0-9 and a-f) and password based. If you are setting up a wireless network that uses WEP encryption, you need to ensure that the router and all connected wireless adapters are using the same format of key.

The best way to identify what type of key you have is to refer to your router user manual however if the key contains any letters, it?s a sure sign that it?s a hexadecimal key.

The final form of WEP encryption uses a password passed through a formula to create a unique key that needs to be specified in the router and all attached wireless devices.

Security Settings

Router security On most routers, it is possible to set up a user id and password security system meaning that anyone who wishes to alter any router settings needs to enter the correct security credentials.

MTU Settings

Some routers need to have an MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) setting defined. Currently, we recommend that this be set to 1400.
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Old 20-December-2004, 20:09
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Default Re: Adls wireless router problems

if he wanted a text book aol answer he would have called aol tech support.
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