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Old 16-March-2007, 20:08
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Default 2 lines 2 broadbands 1 house. Is it possible?

Basically im in a property with one phone line, and one broadband account with bulldog. The other occupant of the house uses the internet (1mb) all the time and im finding it hard to even browse the web, which is frustrating.
Im trying to come up with solutions to gain access to broadband or internet of my own and perhaps faster than 1mb.

Is it technically possible to install an additional line into the house with BT and then get a second broadband account/isp/provider on this line. Thus having 2 phone lines and independent broadbands on each. Will the speed be shared?

I also note that putting my phone number and postcode into broadband checker says I should be able to get at least 5mb in speed however currently with bulldog we are only get a rather measly 1mb ( we are on a 8mb unlimited service ).

My thinking is that if i install a second line and get my own broadband on this line, then the occupant can enjoy his broadband and not impede on mine at the same time (thus we both have 1mb each). I phoned BT asking about this but I got the impression the operators really didnt understand my question technically, just saying it was possible in order to get me to fork out for a second line .

Oh and asking him not to use the internet so much or limit his speed isnt a solution in my eyes. 1mb for me really isnt adequate enough for 1 person let alone 2

Any suggestions or information would be appreciated


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Old 16-March-2007, 20:39
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Default Re: 2 lines 2 broadbands 1 house. Is it possible?

Yes you can get a second phone line installed.

Will cost an extra bt line rental, possibly an install cost & adsl isp monthly rental.
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Old 16-March-2007, 23:02
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Default Re: 2 lines 2 broadbands 1 house. Is it possible?

yes it will work fine,. we have 2 lines / 2 adsl connections,. like mem says it's 2 lots of phone lines and 2 isp costs,. bulldog might put you in a 2nd line cheaper than BT - perhaps

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Old 17-March-2007, 23:42
Alex Atkin
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Default Re: 2 lines 2 broadbands 1 house. Is it possible?

As for the speed of your existing line, have you checked the normal things like extensions? You only need terminal 2 and 5 connected (usually the blue wires on BT standard extensions) and if others are connected it could slow your connection down. Recently I removed all other wires from a friends extensions (at the master socket) and it brought his broadband from 1.5-2Mbit up to 5Mbit. Even when connected to the master socket with the extensions connected it was dragging his speed down. With those wires disconnected we could even put the router on the longest extension and get 5Mbit.
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Old 18-March-2007, 02:14
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Default Re: 2 lines 2 broadbands 1 house. Is it possible?

Yes - internal wiring can cause all sorts of problems, especially if it's old. Even new wiring can cause "reflections" of the signal, which affects broadband performance.

One way to help that is the try and get the extension wiring for the phone plugged in AFTER the microfilter, in other words plug the filter (and therefore the broadband modem) into the master socket and connect the extension wiring into the phone socket on the filter. That way the extension wiring is isolated from the broadband signals.

Having the modem on the 'end' of a run of wiring is often OK, it's best not to have it somewhere in the middle where the signal then goes up the rest of the extension and reflects back from the end which has nothing plugged into it. Alternatively, as I say, plug the remainder of the extension wiring into the filter so it doesn't contain any broadband carrier.

If you want to PM me your landline number I'll put it into our control panel and see what speed it offers. Anything above a 2Mb connection is provided by a system called ADSL "Max" - which is an adaptive connection. The most you'll get is 8Mb, but you may get less, and it will fluctuate according to line characteristics and loading as well, but it's often faster, and never guaranteed (from anyone).

If you're getting a new line put in you might be lucky and get a cleaner connection than using an existing one, especially if there are no spare pairs of wires in the existing cable and they have to run a new one.
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Old 18-March-2007, 11:39
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Default Re: 2 lines 2 broadbands 1 house. Is it possible?

Why pay for another lot of line rental though ?

Surely it would be more cost effective to get either a 2 Mb or ADSL 'max' ISP on the existing line, buy a wireless router and share the monthly costs of all of this with the other party ?
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Old 18-March-2007, 12:48
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Default Re: 2 lines 2 broadbands 1 house. Is it possible?

Yeah, and then fall foul of all this throttling and hidden FUP bullshit.

The other party would really love that!
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