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Default broadband problem AOL and BT

I hope someone can help. On the 19th September my AOL broadband connection stopped (it had previously worked for several years). I swapped to BT on the 4th October and seem to have the same problem. I'll spare you the long list of calls to the helpdesk, but here is my attempt at troubleshooting the problem:

3 openreach engineers have confirmed that the line and router is working
All engineers indicated that my account was being blocked
3rd engineer confirmed exchange ok
4 separate routers tried
All connected to main socket
Filters changed (about 4 tried so far)
AOL connection using netgear d6834gt error was LCP and CHAP authentification failure
BT Hub has power light blue, broadband light red which indicates a “broadband username or password failure” or connection failed PPP.
Can connect to BT startup domain - indicating broadband can connect via equipment and line
BT helpdesk have confirmed:
- BT Wholesale – apparently all ok
- My account is not blocked with BT (and never has been)
- Line has been reset
- BT hub settings correct.
BT hub reset several times per day after each attempted fix

The AOL and BT faults appear to be the same, i.e. whatever router I have fails to login despite haveing and active account and the line etc working. Is this possible? Does anyone know how to resolve because BT and AOL do not appear to be able to.

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Default Re: broadband problem AOL and BT

Sounds like your account details are wrong or missing on the radius server, normally a cease and reprovide sorts this out done by bt wholesale
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Default Re: broadband problem AOL and BT

I believe there's a bttest account that works and allows access to the bt test page - forgot the details but BT should know?

like scoobs says it sounds like an authentication issue with the ISP login details, could try asking ISP to confirm / reset you account login information
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Default Re: broadband problem AOL and BT

To update, issue is now resolved. Apparently the domains on my account were set up incorrectly. If the helpdesk at your ISP cannot solve the problem (after several weeks I was starting to give up), emailing the CEO seems to bypass the helpdesk and get to a high level technical complaints (at least with BT). Solved within a day doing this, after 2 weeks of trying to solve with the standard helpdesk number.
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