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john r
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Exclamation WinMx 3.1

Has anyone started using this new version of WinMx ? I'm unsure wether to upgrade from 2.6 that i use now...
Interesting to note that they are telling you in the black box in the search page as well....
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john r
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Oh well took the plunge seems to be OK after relearning the layout..
Only thing i didnt like was this bit in the t/c
You acknowledge that this software contains trade secrets. You may not decompile, reverse engineer, tamper with, disassemble, modify or otherwise reduce the software to a human-perceivable form.
Now just what does that mean.......
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Here's a copy of a review i found using 'Google'

WinMX 3.1 Marks Major Milestone for P2P World
By erik, Section New Releases
Posted on Thu May 16th, 2002 at 03:59:02 AM GMT
"Yesterday the long-awaited final version of WinMX 3.1 was released. WinMX is a decentralized file sharing client (Win32, closed source) based on a proprietary protocol. Besides its own P2P network, WinMX can also access the still kicking OpenNap networks, but this is a feature you won't need much. A summary of the new features follows, but let me say this much already: WinMX 3.1 rocks -- it's the best file sharing client I've seen so far. And with its decentralized chat, it also has social relevance.
WinMX 3.1 has far too many new and changed features to list. At a glance, the most important changes I noticed are:

True multi-source downloading: Download from many users simultaneously and even add new sources on the fly.
Decentralized chat: Any user with sufficient bandwidth can host a new channel, and a list of channels can be requested through the network. You can browse other users' files in chatrooms and hotlist the users.
Very smart search results and transfer information: See which search results you're currently downloading, which ones match a local file that has not been downloaded completely and which ones can be added to a running multi-source download.
The new multi-source downloading is of course the most crucial feature. This was what made KaZaA and eDonkey so popular -- and what kept WinMX from becoming the leading file sharing network. The previous version was already one of the best and easiest-to-use clients out there, but for file sharing, being able to get the same file from several users at the same time is a crucial feature nowadays. Without it, WinMX was great for MP3 files, but larger files were often hard to get.

Frontcode Technologies has taken the time to implement this feature well. You can sort search results by the number of sources or by a speed metric which is calculated from the connection speed of the actual sources. Once you start a download, WinMX tries to fetch the file from as many sources as possible -- but enqueues the transfer when necessary. It would be nice to be able to collapse the transfer information (you always see all the sources for a download), but that's a minor issue.

The chat feature is very cool. If you want to create your own channel, just select the "Host a new channel" option, type the channel name and you're set. Now others can join the room, and the person hosting it can change the channel options and kick/ban users. It doesn't seem to be possible to pass operator status to others yet. But the essential part is that channels are hosted on the users' machines, so it should be hard to censor what's going on there.

Napster lovers rejoice

Like in the old Napster days, you can browse the files of users in a channel. This is a big advantage over trading via IRC. It doesn't seem to be possible to search only the files of the users in a channel, though.

All in all, the new WinMX is very clean, well-tested and streamlined. The user interface is well thought out and shows only the information you need to see, unlike early Gnutella clients. You can configure pretty much everything: connect through a proxy, throttle transfers, set queue limits, configure time limits for clearing the transfer display etc. But all the defaults, chosen based on your connection speed, are very reasonable.

WinMX will be loved by those who loved the simplicity and reliability of Napster -- which will likely be the majority of file sharing users. Best of all, WinMX is free of all spyware and nasty license terms. This combination will be hard for others to beat. Filetopia has better functionality in the community/chat area and a 3.0 release could be a competitor; eDonkey has plans for decentralizing its network and cleaning up its interface. KaZaA, on the other hand, seems to be going the way of Napster.

It remains unclear what Frontcode's interest or business plan is. It's certain that they will now be the next target of the content industry. In that light it's surprising that they have kept their stuff proprietary -- only through reverse engineering will others be able to design WinMX-compatible clients. Besides lawsuits, another result of WinMX' increased exposure will likely be attacks on its protocol: Flooding the network with queries, returning fake results etc. -- perhaps this is one reason they have kept the protocol closed.

As a Linux user, I'm of course a bit sad that there's no comparably powerful file sharing client for Linux yet, although giFT and MNET look promising, and Limewire and Phex are great cross-platform Gnutella clients.

If you're on Windows, though, you will want to give WinMX a try. Hats off to Frontcode Technologies for developing what is, in my opinion, the best file sharing client to date! "

Hope this helps
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Default WinMX is back

I was missing WinMX the other day when i stumbled upon something incredible. There is a group out there calling themselves MXPIE. They have put together an easy to use update that will once again allow you to connect to the WinMX network. Their update contains no spyware, adware or any other form of malware.

Check out the MXPIE Website for everything you need.

Along with their help, and getting my other computer problem sorted out at http://www.gemini777.net , I was able to enjoy WinMX better than I ever was before. Not only did they get me connected, they helped me fix my other problems as well.

Realtime help available for WinMX 3.53 users having trouble getting connected. Go to WinMX Channels. And thank you gemini for your Computer Problem forum.
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