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Old 02-February-2003, 22:24
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Default Need Help Finding a Proxy Solution


I need some free software to do the same as ISA server.

I need to allow clients net access, but not allow cerrtain clients through based on log on name, can't really be IP address.

I could do with web address filtering but not necessary.

I do require detailled logs of access though.

Smoothwall provides me with logs of access, but I can't restrict access based on username and password.

I am going to be installing 2 Win2k servers to replace existing NT servers, but I can't justify the cost of ISA against the features I want, to the boss.

The boss won't care about restricting internet access. And to an extent I am not that bothered, but I need to protect the limited bandwidth available (ISDN128) for hosting the webserver on. No ADSL around here yet and NTL don't service the dock land we are on. 2 Way Satellite access won't allow the hosting of websites.

I only have very basic knowledge of Linux, so I need a product off the shelf really. I can make a computer available to run it on.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 03-February-2003, 09:35
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The only thing I could fine that meets your reuqirements is for a Mac, which I suppose is no good to you.


I only had time for a quick look, but I am sure there is a windows alternative somewhere....will have another look later.

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Old 19-March-2003, 17:04
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Possibly a bit late !

but, squid has the facilities for NTLM authentication, to restrict access based on nt user ids and groups.

search google for squid ntlm authentication

You can also use squid-guard or dans guardian to filter/restrict access based on url/group/ip/time of day/etc
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