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Old 11-February-2003, 15:50
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Thumbs down 203 ADSL exchanges hit by snag

From The Register
203 ADSL exchanges hit by snag
By Tim Richardson
Posted: 11/02/2003 at 09:22 GMT

Almost one in five of BT's ADSL-enabled exchanges were knocked out yesterday following a software upgrade that went wrong.

The problems started early yesterday and meant that people in those affected areas had difficulties hooking up to the service. In all, 203 exchanges up and down the country were affected with some problems continuing into the evening.

In a statement BT Wholesale said: "The problem was linked to software upgrades at 203 exchanges after which some of the units did not resynchronise correctly. Through the day and night we resynchronised the units, which meant an outage of up to an hour on each."

As of 8.30 this morning there were just 14 exchanges being re-tested before (fingers crossed) being brought back into service this morning.
Didn't miss a beat here!
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Old 11-February-2003, 15:54
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nor here,

Good job too, was playing net UT2k3 till the early hours when my HDD died on me

Gonna go home early n back up as much as I can before a complete format.


edit : I can spell........honest!

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Old 11-February-2003, 16:07
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Yes, I've had that a while back. At least they seem to give out SOME prior warning so that you can at least attempt to salvage something, if not all. Good luck!

Edit: Just checked with Tiscali, I've been connected continiously since 12:03:30 on 14/1/03.

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adsl, bt, hdd, home, software, tiscali

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