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Default Re: Tiscali Broadband - Where to complain

Here is a copy of the letter I have sent to Tiscali, ISPA, and a few other people. After 24 hours, I had Tiscali on the phone, offering me compensation of £225. This was graciously accepted. Three weeks after it was promised in my bank account within 7 working days, I have received £6.37 into an account they said they couldnt pay money into. Utterly useless.......... oh yes, ignore the 13 months part, its now 15......

I am writing to complain about the ineptitude of your customer service department over a quite incredibly prolonged amount of time.

I first called to cancel my account on 04/09/07, and I was told that this was done, and as it came out of a bank account I barely used, I didnít bother to cancel the direct debit. I had to cancel my account instead of simply transferring, as I was moving into my parents for a month in between houses. I then set up my new account with yourselves in October when I moved into my current address. Much to my dismay, when I next checked the bank account in May/June 2008, I had become exceedingly overdrawn, thanks to the fact that my Tiscali account at £17.99 a month had continued to be debited for 8 months.

I then called you to complain and make sure my account was cancelled. This was promised to me again. I have since spent the best part of two hours on the phone, on an 0845 number costing me more and more money, just trying to sort out the mess that has been caused by the lack of communication between departments.

In my next call to the billing department, I was promised a cheque to be sent out within 7 days for almost £143.00, and this never arrived. After another 30 minute plus phone call, where I was promised that it was being sorted out after being passed to the finance department, as it was a claim for over £100, I have still received no cheque. This phone call also promised me a return call from the member of staffs supervisor, which didnít materialise. Needless to say, I wasnít surprised by this in the slightest. To add insult to injury, Tiscali has continued to take the money out of my account, so I now have another case on my hands for the extra £35.98 which has been taken out after the account has been cancelled TWICE, when I already have an account at my current address, which I have had to explain in almost every call.

So far I have spent 179.90 (10 months @ £17.99) on something which I have now cancelled a grand total of THREE TIMES, and the best part of £24 (2 hours at 20p per minute) on the phone to, apart from the last person I spoke to who finally gave me a correspondence address, a shockingly badly organised customer services team, who seemed to be acting like the right hand didnít know what the left hand was doing.

I am owed at the very least, an apology and a full refund of the amount of time and money that I have wasted with the company on this matter, as I am sick of stressing out over more than £200 that I had no need to spend. The fact that I have a contract with you at my current address, which you are quite happy to send me offers and correspondence for, is really getting beyond a joke.

Now to round off matters, the cheque has been sent o my old address, as I had explained not to, in EVERY SINGLE phonecall to the company. After it was promised that I would have it sent out in the next 2-3 weeks over a month ago, I am now at the end of my patience and I am taking the matter to Watchdog. You have had 13 months to sort this out
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