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Default AOL took £130 from my bank account

I recently moved my services from AOL to sky.Having spent a long time trying to get hold of somebody from aol to cancel,i finally got hold of them a couple of weeks ago.I have been with them for approx 7 yrs and told them i wished to cancel.I was told that i had agreed a new contract a few months ago at the same price i signed up for 7 years ago.This is of course absolute rubbish.Only an idiot would agree to take up a new contract at an old price.I have found this morning that they have taken nearly £130 out of my bank as a cancellation fee of the contract.Firstly,i have not made any new contracts with them and secondly,as i am no longer a member i am unable to contact them.I am furious that they can just take money like that and then you cant even contact them.Can anyone help me with this as im sure i am not the first person they have done this to.Any contact numbers or addresses would be most helpful.Apparently i agreed a new contract on the telephone.I want them to prove this,but again do not know where to start.Many thanks to any help given
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Old 15-December-2010, 15:29
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Default Re: AOL took £130 from my bank account

2 things for future reference,
1, when canceling your service with these type of isp's (mass market) always write to them formally via letter sent registered post giving them the normal notice period usually 30 days
2, cancel any dd/ cc that you may have with them once they have taken the final payment, to stop them taking more than they should
As far as what you can do goes, you could contact ofcom or http://www.otelo.org.uk/

In your post you say that you canceled AOL, but did not say if you had also requested a mac code so you can switch to another isp without a long period of being without broadband, if just canceled without getting a mac, bt may make a cease charge

Ring AOL ask for high level complaints, and if they still say that you signed up to a new contract or agreed to the same, then ask them for the recording of the call to prove either way if you did or did not , as all calls are recorded

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Old 15-December-2010, 17:35
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Default Re: AOL took £130 from my bank account

raise a complaint via the ispa website (AOL are members) - some info in http://www.the-scream.co.uk/forums/t28068.html

you can also try the ofcom site (just to give url http://www.ofcom.org.uk/ ) and Citizens Advice Bureau http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/ - also bank / credit card company etc contact them and see if they will take the money back off AOL (make sure they understand the charge is contested)

good luck and let us know how it goes
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