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Default Halo 1 Tricking/Glitching: The Ghost Froom Trailer

Hello the scream forum members!

This is a trailer for an upcoming video about one of the greatest tricks/glitches ever accomplished in Halo: Combat Evolved (PC), the Ghost Froom. This trick is one of the most elaborate and complex tricks I have ever performed. It took several months to create it. If you have any questions about the trick please ask. I'll do my best to respond without spoiling too much before the final video.

Please watch and enjoy the trailer, even if you are unfamiliar with Halo: Combat Evolved. I worked very hard on it. Feedback is appreciated.

Note: Asides from the use of flycam for detached-camera footage no third party programs, mods, trainers, or hacks were used in the creation of this trick.

Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHnDvnL1T0I

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Old 21-August-2011, 20:08
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Default Re: Halo 1 Tricking/Glitching: The Ghost Froom Trailer

Trailers for trick jumping videos have been released on many occasions in the past, though trailers for tricking/glitching videos have rarely been released. However, both should be treated with the same respect.
well, I'm not sure I agree that a trailer for something is as good as the thing itself,. or for example ppl would pay to see a film trailer

result of the trick is a Ghost floating in an invisible barrier 150 meters above the map
and it takes 5 hours to make the glitch happen

I can remember playing quake2 and you could stand on top of the the map itself on certain levels,.. 5 hours... really!?

We also did not make a trailer for the video of the glitches
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hacks, make

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