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Default Long time no been here

It seems ages since I was here last, it is infact!

How's everyone been? Tebbie you married yet girl?

I'm searching, yet again for another reliable ISP.

I've posted in the ISP forums 2 new ones I've found while scouting round and not sure which one to go for.

Mainly cos I'm not gonna pay AOHell another penny a month for a mediocre service.

I know it's not a huge increase, but when you consider you can get broadband for under 20 a month, (pity I don't have cable in my area), and some ISP's can offer unlimited/unmetered access from as little as 6.99 a month, I'm blowed if I'm gonna pay 16 a month to AOL.

Rant over.

Trouble is, AOL is a big company, so is it worth the extra dosh just for the security of knowing they won't go under.

Hmmmmm..........why is life so complicated?
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hey angelfyre ,, yep,, am a married lady now good to see you about,, i havn't ventured out to Troll City in a while,, what do you think about the 'new' mini's? they are kinda cute,, but don't have the soul of the classic mini's do they?

stick around some,, ok?

will dig up our wedding guestbook for you to sign


Silver and Tebs wedding guestbook
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WB Aynglfyre
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Congratulations Tebbs and Silver. Yea I'd love to sign your wedding guestbook. I'll do so after posting this. Thanx.

Don't ask what I think of the BMW 116 Hatchback, all I can say is ITS NOT A MINI. It's a BMW hatchback.

Being twice as large as a Classic Mini, I dunno how they can call it a MINI. And it's dead ugly inside. Looks more like the Bridge on Enterprise.

My collection of Mini's has now grown to 4. And I'm looking around for a MK1. 60's edition.

I haven't been to Troll City for a while either, I just don't get the time lately, as my own board is so busy. We've ditched ezboard and got one similar to vBulletin, Burning Board. It's free!

Gonna go sign your guestbook now.

Hi back at you Fridgebuzz. Love your piccie, even if it is kinda scarey!

PS both my sheep send their love!!! Baaaaaaaaahhhhh
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