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Old 10-August-2009, 20:56
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Default AOL PS3 Ping Problems

I play my PS3 on the internet ... it is connected to my Desktop via ethernet cable.

At first it was fine (First year)
Then suddenly after 5pm My ping which is usually 50-70 in an english server will soar to 500 + in a english server
It will stay like this constantly until 11:30 pm

The thing is :
Before 5:
Download speed - 5.5 mbps
Upload- 381 kbps

After 5:
It is basically the same.

Why Is My Ping So High Yet My Speeds Remain The Same.

AOL Broadband
(Desktop, 1 laptop and PS3 connected)

Am I Being Throttled?
If So Any ISP Suggestions?
If Not What Is Happening?
Can I Fix It?
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Old 10-August-2009, 23:14
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Default Re: AOL PS3 Ping Problems

seems an odd one don't it,It may well be down to contention ratio's over the bt network if ip stream, or aol network if connected via their llu,the time of the day if occurs would give rise to this problem, as more people using their broadband connections,you could well share the available bandwidth with more than 50 others,depending on what aol specify ,have you tried pinging other sites, in the command prompt? if now try that say to bbc.co.uk see if ping times to that also increase,(just to rule out the server you talked about),if it does increase too, by a ridiculous amount then i would contact aol about it,see if anything can be done,one thing i doubt they will do is reduce the level of interleave on your connection,(they would most prob not have a clue what you were talking about,let alone adjust it,lol)most others wouldn't know either,but if you really want a low latency 24/7 connection you would be better off switching isp,the ones i know that are quite good are virgin(cable)not ip data stream, be, or ukonline there maybe a few others too
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