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Old 14-December-2004, 04:12
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Default How to remove unauthorized Network...HELP

If anyone can help me I thank you in advance.
Please let me start off by saying I am not all that computer sauve. Well here goes. For awhile now I have been finding strange files on my computer. WAN ISO PPP ect. My taskmanager reports a network. My control panel will not allow me to see properties of my network connections. I have child access to everything.......errrr. So I can not just go in and remove or change anything.

I have dial up with AOL. Well I downloaded Zone Alarm Firewall 2 days ago. Over 150 access attempts were made in the first 2 hours. All over them denied. I thought my probem was fixed. This morning I get up and find that Zone Alarm has been given authority to add a network giving full time access.
It reads only:
WAN (PPP/SLIP) Interface
Adapter Subnet
IP addy traces back to AOL.
Called Aol and they say they don't have anyway to access any information that can help me.
Files I have found include PALM, PDA, and Handheld ( cell phones) All files seem to be encrypted with some strange language. I have tried everything to find out what it is with no luck.

Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?

Thanks so much
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