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Old 15-July-2012, 21:31
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Default DVD Drive connections

Hi Clever people

I want to replace a DVD drive in a pc with a laptop slim DVD drive. Don't ask why ... long story!!

But the pluggy things off the old drive don't match the sockety things on the back of the new drive.

If I post some pics of the two parts, any chance someone might be able to tell me if an adapter exists?


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Old 15-July-2012, 23:37
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Default Re: DVD Drive connections

Pictures would help (there's some here).

If I had to, I'd guess that the new drive has SATA type connectors while your laptop has ATAPI ones. If that's the case I found this, but I can't see anywhere on that site (or any others) where you can actually buy it.
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Old 17-July-2012, 20:48
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Default Re: DVD Drive connections

like bouncingjohn says, best guess is the new drive is SATA and old one expects an IDE connector,. if that's the case then something like


should work
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Old 18-July-2012, 12:26
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Default Re: DVD Drive connections

There are some IDE to SATA cable conversions on Ebay for quite a bit less.
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