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Default Tesco connection gone!

I've been with Tesco for my internet for many a year and never had a problem - all of a sudden last month nothing would connect.
I called Tesco first who said you need to speak to your router manufacturer as we can't help - rather quickly passed the buck!
I spoke with Belkin, who tested my router to the hilt, even got me to download the updates! Eventually said there was nothing else they could do, and that i should now turn my attentions to BT as it could be the lines
BT spent a whole week checking my lines and eventually said "as far as we can see everything is fine - the problem must be with your ISP"
Went back to Tesco - was originally told they aimed to have the problem fixed within two days - called again - and told it could take up to a week - called again after one week and was told "it could take 48 hours it could take 4 weeks, we just don't know"
They told me they would give me a month free - but since we are now approaching a month with no internet access - this isnt much of a gesture.
I've been really disappointed with the way they keep trying to pass the buck and don't seem to care that I have no access.
I'm not very good at this kind of thing - anyone got any advice?
Don't want to switch and find I'll have the same problem all over again - though regardless if i do get a connection back I will be switching - and billing them for the hours of phone calls!
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Unhappy Re: Tesco connection gone!

Hi,Your problem is identical to mine. It all started about 6 weeks ago. Having said that I was finally back on about a week ago.Until yesterday, before the problem was no ADSL, now ADSL is OK but no DNS available........"it will take approx 4 days to fix"!!! Came the reply. Sorry I haven't got a cure....
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Default Re: Tesco connection gone!

At least I know it's not just me!
I'm still without! And they just don't care!
Told them I'm leaving the service regardless now, can't believe they would treat a loyal and long standing customer with so little respect.
I've tried all I know to do, I've tested my router on other phone lines, another router in my line, changed all the wires and filters - as a customer i did more than enough to make sure it wasn't a problem my end.
I was happy for years when my access was fine but the second there was a problem and i needed some of that "customer service" we all pay for - Tesco came up severely wanting - I've learned my lesson here - STAY AWAY FROM TESCO BROADBAND!
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Question Re: Tesco connection gone!

Hi Vixen

Just two questions.
... spoke with Belkin, who tested my router to the hilt, even got me to download the updates! ....
Originally Posted by VIXEN View Post
If you had no connection how were Belkin able to test your router and how were you able to download updates?

Don't forget that if you change your ISP you will lose your tesco email address.
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Default Re: Tesco connection gone!

They had me check just about every setting on my computer. Then they had me download the updates from another computer - fortunately i was able to do this at work then take them home to download.

I've just been told today that they've decided to send a BT engineer to look...
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