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Default The BBC scandels

I am shure people are now getting sick and tired of hearing them !
1. BBC controller resigning
2. we had the alledged jimmy saville allegations which caused the removal of certain high ranking officials in the BBC.
3.and off course the cost to us the tax payer of increases in there wages.and whether they "the BBC" is good value or not ( think the word is "not good value"
But it was the little problem over Mr Saville that has cause the biggest problem for the Corporation ! I get the impression is becoming a bit of witch hunt within the Corporation also with the fingers pointing in all directions. ( ie who is next to be arrested . ) Offcourse we cannot name those people arrested only the ones who have been found guilty. ie stuart hall and one chauffeur only...
How corrupt is the BBC ?? We may find that question when the police have finished there enquires.. But I reckon that several more involved and many more have been involved in the cover -up because its unlikely that this secret could have been kept by so few people.
I think this scandal will finish the BBC forever ! People will not trust them and there always be a stigma about working there..
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Default Re: The BBC scandels

To be honest, I do not watch TV and know little of what you speak.

I have never been a huge fan nor watcher of the BBC and tended to prefer the independent channels. I do object to their license fee, when the original purpose of the license was to help prevent interference caused by TV sets to others. Now the fee just funds the BBC, it would seem much more fair to just opt out of watching their channels. I really would have little issue with that. Put ads on it and drop the fee, again I have no issue with.

Do they really need to be trusted? The question has never entered my head relating to the BBC or any other channel. If you are referring to politics and news programs, not everyone watches these or actually trusts anything.

The end of the BBC? I really doubt it and I don't really care that much anyhow. I would be sad with respect to the technological history but that is as far as it goes.

That is also as far as I go. This topic is a little too heavy and deep for me.
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Default Re: The BBC scandels

For me the issues at the BBC reflect a general decline in what should be conceived as public service.

For example our Members of Parliament with their snouts in the trough and fiddling expenses (this is not meant to be derogatory to pigs)

So few Members have been prosecuted for this abuse of public money.

Some would argue that the police effort and media publicity concerning child sex abuse by outsiders would be better devoted to tackling the more prevalent sexual abuse of children by members of their own family, and friends or those people known to the family.

Could rant on about the loss of Cabinet power in Government and the cult of the Prime Minister that led us to war in Iraq and the costs in death and injury to all involved
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Default Re: The BBC scandels

re worldlife MPs expenses !
It was until the daily telegraph actually gave the public the whole trurth on there expenses that the "public" woke up !
MPs wage structure is at best dodgy to say the least. the do not pay any taxes (like everyone else) or VAT for that matter and get free travel by BA and British rail plus able to get 2000 a month in free rent or money towards a second house or flat. So in the end they get 67,000 ( plus the pay rise next year to 71,000 )which is worth if tax was paid about 80,000 then we have the free travel expenses which again is tax free ( they can get VAT back s well) which be worth tax free around 4000+ a year plus offcourse the free BA travel as well. then we had the cost of renting a flat or paying mortgage of 24,000 again tax free. plus free mags and money towards a secretary ( in most cases they share one). So suddenly the money they get grows from 67k to double that amount , all tax free and still able to collect the VAT top of that ,
so it would make there money (if tax was not paid to about 200,000 each ) but on top of that if they are minister they get more money as a minister plus a car and a pension !
But the weird thing is that a prime minister only receives half the money he is entitled too ,because he takes a lump sum at the end of his " reign|" and a pension for life as well as protection /security for life as well. costing us the tax payer a hell of a lot of money. ( millions)
Mr Blair bought several homes during his time as prime minister, strangely he never lived at No 10 but in a terrace house nearby in SW1 ( worth several million pounds ) reason for this , he had young children and No 10 downing street is unsuitable place for kids to live in..
There are actually a number of chief execs of NHS hospitals and local councils that get far more money than he does . In one case (no mention of name) but one borough chief get 300,000 a year plus a car and free private medi-care as well
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