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Lightbulb orange and unfair pressure to pay non-existent debt


Tv company researcher here - we are currently looking into Orange - and more specifically "Northern Debt Recovery". (They are one and the same company)

There seems to be some incidence of Northern Debt recovery (ie Orange) leaping into placing default notices on peoples credit files with undue haste.

In the case of debts to banks - The Banks abide by some protective procedural codes that prevent this happening too quickly. The codes are there to protect the consumer against unfair and hasty action - but in the case of Orange the codes do not apply and consumers are not afforded the same level of protection.

A default can have quite serious consequences and some of the sums in question (20 - 30) are ridiculously small when compared with the potential loss and inconvenience suffered as a result of the default notice.
Some of the consumers are disabled - or have been injured on active service to come home and find they now have a default on an otherwise unblemished record.

We need to hear from some more consumers who may have been affected this way, as aside from the way it looks morally, some top legal bods take the view that Orange have potentially opened themselves up to a defamation claim, with some far reaching consequences.

if anyone is affected or has been affected -please get in touch in strictest confidence - the email is "northerndebt@umpire.com"

Many thanks,

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