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Old 13-August-2008, 18:07
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Default Tesco Finest Broadband Performance

Does anyone know if Tesco's statement: -

"We'll provide the best possible speeds available to you in you area"

Is actually true, as I have been on a 2mb connection for some months now but upgraded to finest for the download limit to be lifted.

I am still currently only reciving 2mb bandwidth and tests ive done show I can get a 3b connection in my area.

Anyone have any further info on this?

also one more thing, what a load of c**p the router/wifi dongle and internet phone is that came with this package, for 25 a month I'd expect a much better quality of router at least a Belkin. Which is what I have stuck with that speedtouch thing awful.

Rant over

many thanks

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Old 15-August-2008, 11:18
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Default Re: Tesco Finest Broadband Performance

Are you plugged into the master socket? - Try in the test socket (if you have one)
Have you changed your ADSL filters? - Every device attached to line must be filtered.
Do you have Sky TV plugged into your phone line?
Try phoning up and having your profile changed
How are you testing your speed? I woudl consider downloading a large file from say Microsoft and testing the speed there as this would give a better reading than say speedtest dot net.
Are you able to access your router statistics? If so please post them here and someone will repsond (hopefully me if i can stay awake)

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Old 15-August-2008, 13:36
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Default Re: Tesco Finest Broadband Performance

Hi There

Thanks for the suggestion, I will try my master socket.

at present I am just using Broadbandspeedchecker.com to see what bandwidth im receiving.

also I will can provide security logs but as for router statistics, Im fairly sure my Belkin Router does not generate these?

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Old 19-June-2013, 08:01
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Default Re: Tesco Finest Broadband Performance

im living in the merseyside area and receive 5.2mb .... this was the same as my previous isp.. the only difference i paid more in vat than i do for the whole package with tesco BB .. nuff said !
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