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Default Supanet Wireless

Hope I'm in the right forum here...
One of my mates has just signed up for Supanet broadband but faces a common(?) problem. Connection downstairs, Computer upstairs. Answer (for him) - wireless. The Supanet site shows a PC connected (wired) to the Router as a first connection followed by wireless devices around the house.
Question - does he actually need the wired machine or can we just connect the ADSL Router to the wall point and connect his only PC wirelessly?
I've done a wireless configuration off my NTL cable TV box so I know the mechanics of setting up the network, I'm just looking out for 'gotchas'.

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Default Re: Supanet Wireless

Welcome to The Scream! Bitshifter.

I THINK you will find that initially you must have a PC WIRED to the modem/router in order to set it up. Once it's setup th PC can be moved to where ever. However, if anything goes wrong the again you'll need to connect direct again.

But do wait and see what others have to say
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Default Re: Supanet Wireless

it is best to set up wired and the go to wirless it is posable to do it wirless frist but it is a pain

set up wired then go wirless
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Default Re: Supanet Wireless

yeah, it is possible to just connect wireless stuff wirelessly, and it will usually work if the wireless network card is the same make as the router, type the router address in your browser eg and you will probably get the web control panel (that's how it works with d-link anyway), but if they are different makes it may be neccesary to connect with a cable first.
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