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Default Silver To Blame?

Morning All,

I have a couple of hotmail addresses and one through Talk Talk.

A few days ago the hotmail / live addresses began getting thousands of emails, all repeats of mail I've received, read and deleted.

I changed the password, removed every single email to the Junk folder and emptied it..... they're back. Questions to MS help unanswered.

This morning I find that my Talk Talk inbox is 100% full, presume it's the same routine.

I don't know what's causing this, but it started immediately after MS announced that I had Silverlight.

All advice (in moron, non-techie talk) very gratefully recieved.


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Default Re: Silver To Blame?

I've had the same thing (twice) on my WorldOnline email - I just assumed that Talk Talk (who bought Tiscali who bought WorldOnline) had done something on their end that made their servers think it was all new mail. I very much doubt that Silverlight had anything to do with it; at least in my case - I don't have it installed.

Unfortunately I can no longer log on to that account to delete anything at the server end - it's been years since WorldOnline existed and even longer since I was a customer - I'm kind of surprised the email still works to be honest.

Possibly related is the fact that I'm not receiving as much spam on that account - I was getting tens of offers per day for casinos, watches, pills, etc.
but they've pretty much dried up in the last week or so. And, now that I think about it, none of the repeat emails were any of the ones I'd deleted as junk.
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Default Re: Silver To Blame?

When I seen the subject of this post I thought for a minute that our Silver ( TSI team ) had done something wrong Glad thats not the case...... but sorry I don't have any solutions either.

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Default Re: Silver To Blame?

It's stopped.

For no apparent reason. I'm wondering if it's another MSM screw up.

Sent several appeals for advice and got no, not even an automated, response at all.

Ditto from Talk Talk
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