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View Poll Results: Do I accept this new part time 20 hour a week job, or stay where I am?
YES - go for the new one (even though it has less pay and holiday leave) 1 20.00%
NO - stay where you are & take the 9.5 weeks redundancy 4 80.00%
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Old 10-December-2011, 21:32
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Exclamation Redundancy / employment advice please

Hi all,

Here is the situation I face:

I currently work for the local Council and have done since July 2002, so would have reached 10 years service next year.

I work full time and work 36 1/4 hours a week, and having passed 5 years long service get 28 days holiday alowance (excluding Bank Holidays).

I earn just over 16,000 a year.

Our team is one of many strongly rumoured to be axed in the terrible local council cuts announced and my current contract is until the 31st March 2012.

If they are going to release us via redundancy, then they have to give us the legally required 90 days notice, which is by 31st December then. Nice Christmas eh? The letter will probably reach me the first week in January, just in time for my Birthday, even better eh?

I believe they will give us 1 weeks pay for each year of service, so I am due (if we are made redundant), just 9 weeks pay

The big twist here is, I went for an interview for a part time job (on a month by month basis) for only 20 hours a week with a different company in the SAME building, and was offered it on Friday. but also

It was hoped this new job would go full time come 1st April 2012 subject to new funding, but my big dilemma which has caused endless friction between me and my other half and the work colleagues I have told is:

I can't live on 20 hours pay a week, so would like to drop down part time in my current job. This shouldnt be a problem as 2 other staff only do 3 days a week and even the manager has another 2 day a week job!

Anyway, if this new job WAS full time, it's less pay (15,575) and only 23 days leave pro-rata.

So, even if I accept this new one, I would have to do more hours in BOTH jobs and still get LESS pay.

I can't afford to do this

I also need to find out about holiday entitlement, as said above, I currently get 28 days and this one (if full time) is only 23 days.

Say I did the new job in the morning and current one in the afternoon and wanted a day off, does that equate to a FULL day off from each employer? If so, I'll never get a summer holiday ever again

There are other complications to, such as I am allowed to leave early one day a week in my current job (personal reasons) and do 6 hours that day (8.30-2.30pm with NO 30 minute lunch break).

This new job would require me to use my car and I don't know if I'd get any travelling allowance (the internally advertised job description didn't say, and I forgot to ask in the interview due to nerves!).

It also states occasional weekend working and the odd night time (to minute meetings from 5-9pm). I really don't wanna do this

It's also worse I as know everyone else in the building and help out to cover reception the occcasional dinner time even though I don't work for them. My manager says its fine, and I don't mind helping out.

Soooooooooooooooooooo, do I accept, but its less pay and don't know how holiday leave would work out and have to lump an odd weekend or weekday evening to attend meetings (which I hate). Or do I kindly decline, alienate my colleagues and just wait until the ship sinks in my current job then take the pittance of redundancy and look for a new job come April 1st.

There is no guarantee this new job would continue past 1st April either if they don't get funding, but as my colleagues tell me (I'm sure they want rid of me!), this new job would look so impressive on my CV, even for 3 months (and less pay, less holiday, weekend and evening working)

The final complication is, the Chief Executive of this other company that interviewed me and offered me the job, was also manager of the department of the current team I am in, and interviewed me for that.

She believes in me and my ability, but if I say no due to the lower pay, and hours, it'd be like a personal kick in the teeth to her.

This is killing me, it really is

Any opinion please, I need to let her know on Monday. I haven't even had the offer in writing yet! They only told me as I work in the same building.....

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