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Old 14-June-2005, 16:46
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Default Setting up Modem/Router with AOL Broadband.

I'm helping a mate with some ciomputer woes.

He has been using AOL Broadband with the standard USB Modem, we bought a 4 Port ADSL Router online (a cheap one to do the job) It is an eTEC device and uses Contexant software.

We got a simple guide of what settings to change but had no luck, can anyone help me out on this, a good guide would be really handy as the firmware is very basic (compared to my Safecom model I use with TalkTalk broadband).

Thanks in advance,

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Old 14-June-2005, 16:51
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Default Re: Setting up Modem/Router with AOL Broadband.

Have you looked at the sticky in the AOL section, The main thing to change is the MTU to 1400
SG5 Short Url
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Old 15-June-2005, 20:41
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Default Re: Setting up Modem/Router with AOL Broadband.

The problem I've got is when I went through that guide I found, the status sits at Showtime and connects first time no problems.

But the "Ready" light on the modem flashes continuouslly, no internet pages load.

The WAN one lights up no problem, and the Data one flashes every so often (with network activity).
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Old 16-June-2005, 12:11
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Default Re: Setting up Modem/Router with AOL Broadband.

Generic Router Settings
AOL now supports the use of ADSL router on your Broadband connection, which allows the sharing of a single DSL line simultaneously between multiple

AOL can provide no further assistance or support while you are setting up or
troubleshooting any issues you may have with your broadband router, apart from the settings listed below.

When setting up a router, you will be prompted to enter certain details that
govern the type of connection you establish. Depending on the hardware setup you have, the method for entering these details will differ. However it is
likely you will be prompted to enter them during the installation of your

Some router installation guides will automatically enter some of these details
for you, so it is possible that you will not be prompted for them at all. In
other cases the naming of the options will be different so it is advised that
if you have problems, please refer to the documentation included with your DSL router. Below are all the essential settings that AOL use to setup Broadband Routers.

Depending on your router some of these settings may be named differently,
please consult your routers documentation if your require assistance when
setting it up.

Connection Protocol: PPPoA (VCMUX or VCBASED)
VPI: 0
VCI: 38
(VPI/VCI): 0,38
Authentication: CHAP

The Following settings are set to automatic or get automatically from ISP,
On some routers you may have to leave these fields blank:
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
Domain Name Server (DNS) Addresses

MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit): 1400
MRU (Maximum Receive Unit): 1400

Username: your Screenname@aol.com
Password: your password

Important Information about your username/password settings:
Screen Name Information:
We recommend that you create a new Screen Name which your router can use to connect to AOL - because if you use an existing Screen Name from another location, your router will lose its connection to AOL.

When entering your screen name/username on your router it must follow the four rules below:
1. You must enter your Screen Name in lowercase letters
2. Your Screen Name must be in the format of your AOL e-mail address, i.e.:
your Screenname@aol.com
3. Your Screen Name must not contain any spaces
4. The Screen Name must have General (18+) Parental Controls access (not
Mature Teen, Young Teen or Kids Only)

Please note that the new Screen Name you create should use a password that follows the three rules in the next section.

Password Information:
When entering your password on your router it must follow the three rules
1. The password must be between Six to Eight characters long (i.e.: if it has
nine characters you will need to change it)
2. The password must consist of letters and numbers only (i.e. no special
characters, such as ! ? % and spaces).
3. The password must be all lower case (no CAPITALS allowed).

Wireless Setup:
If you require assistance setting up wireless on your router please consult
the documentation that came with your router otherwise contact the
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Old 19-June-2005, 00:40
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Default Re: Setting up Modem/Router with AOL Broadband.

I've tried the above and had no luck.

When the WAN light is steady and it says showtime, its connected is it not?

Just that the "ready" light continuoussly flashes, when I create a new browser window and try to connect to any website, it comes up with the DNS Error page.

Thanks for any help!
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Old 19-June-2005, 04:51
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Default Re: Setting up Modem/Router with AOL Broadband.

ignore the ready light flashing, most routers have a few lights than flash like mad no matter what, can you ping any websites? make sure the mtu is set properly
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Old 19-June-2005, 22:13
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Default Re: Setting up Modem/Router with AOL Broadband.

Nope all pings fail, I'll try again, would the status still stay Showtime even although the MTU was incorrect?

it was "Test PPPoPvc 0 PPP layer connection" that was failing, all above it was Pass, everything below was Skipped.
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