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Default emule 29c available

from http://www.emule-project.net/index.php?s=news

bluecow: Several small bug fixes and code improvements [Maella, dpr, rayita]
Ornis+bluecow: String resources split into language resource DLLs [Elandal]
bluecow: Fixed flaw in IPFilter.
bluecow: Added LAN-IP and IP-Filter for server IPs and client IPs received during source exchange and received from servers.
Note: The option "Server/always filter bad IPs" was changed to handle the LAN IP filtering of IPs for servers and
clients and was moved to the "Extended Settings" page and is now called "Filter server and client LAN IPs".
If you are running eMule within a LAN you may decide to disable this option to be able to communicate with
servers and clients within the LAN.
.: Added some SecureHash security fixes, also SecreHash is now enabled by default
.: The Queueposition (waitingtime) is now also protected by SecureHash (if enabled)
.: Fixed a bug which caused source to have wrong information and filecomments/names
bluecow: Fixed problem with completing file which was concurrently uploaded.
bluecow: Fixed bug with previewing of files with spaces in the path [mediterranean]
bluecow: Fixed bug with client deletion [SlugFiller]
bluecow: Fixed minor bug in statistics with error and banned client stats.
bluecow: Better filtering of sources according valid IP+Port found during file searches.
bluecow: Added boolean search expressions (AND, OR and NOT operator and parenthesis)
bluecow: Fixed minor bug in search query with file extension.
bluecow: Added version column of server software to server listview control.
bluecow: Fixed minor bug where the ServerIP of some clients were added to the server list.
bluecow: Fixed bug with compressed control data packets length [thx MKThunderStorm]
bluecow: Optimized source exchange for clients which are asked for sources for the first time in the current session.
bluecow: Added more units for specifying min/max filesize in search dialog. (append b[yte],k[byte],m[byte],g[byte] to the numbers to change the units).
Ornis: minor tweaks in the filename cleanup
Ornis: corrected codepage-settings for turkish language in the webinterface
bluecow: Fixed mem leak in upload client caused by clients requesting too large blocks.
bluecow: Fixed mem leak with duplicate hashed files.
bluecow: Couple of changes for more stable code and less potential mem leaks.
Ornis: Fix, preventing crashes after IRC disconnection
Ornis: Show size of partfiles on disk (Filedetails & Tooltip)
Ornis: little GUI fixes
bluecow: Added boolean search expressions (OR and NOT operator, 'google' like syntax)
bluecow: Added sending shared files list to server with ClientIP+Port to get more sources when performing global UDP search requests.
bluecow: Added sending shared files list to server with more meta tags for more accurat search results according file extension and file type.
bluecow: Added tooltip for showing the entire meta data for a search results which was received from the server/client.
bluecow: Added overlay icons for clients which were successfully identified by a secure hash
bluecow: Fixed bug with GetTickCount timer meassurement [dpr]
Ornis: Added Secure-Ident-Statistic (how many successfully and how many failed identificated clients)
Ornis: Fixed menu-ressource bug in the preferences
Ornis: Turkish language fix
ok, standard run of the mill release mostly but you may have overlooked this bit..

Added some SecureHash security fixes, also SecreHash is now enabled by default
I believe it was added in 29b but not turned on by default:

Added a secure identification system (against userhash 'stealing') based on RSA encryption. For test reasons, it is disabled by default in this version, you can enable it in 'security settings'. Please check the FAQ for more informations about this system
well, on the face of it, this is neat, it allows the client rating system to work across IP leases, i.e. if you IP changes then you keep your upload credits with the other peers with whom you have interacted (a good thing for most peeps who don't have static IPs).,.

there may be a downside from what I can understand,. (from the FAQ) http://www.emule-project.net/faq/sechash.htm

Secure User Identification
Clients in the network are identified by a unique value called user hash. This user hash is stored in the preferences.dat file and is used to grant earned credits with other users.
eMule can use an asymmetric encryption to avoid exploiting or manipulating other users hash values. The method uses a private and a public key to secure the user hash and to ensure a proper identification on other clients.
the previous system based the userhash on the IP address (I think) which changes every time your IP changes, the new method uses a randomly generated public / private key pair which is nearly guarenteed to be unique (I don't know how they gen'd it but I suspect it is suposed to be unique in practical terms). Once generated the public/private key pair never changes (unless you delete it).. this means that your client/PC/you could more easily be tracked and possibly the digital key / id could be used to prove it was 'you' trading a particular file?

food for thought at any rate..


PS, remember to check Emule tweak + tips guide / how to speed up emule ed2k network
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came across this, it was mentioned in the emule forum

all a bit meaningless to me, what do you think Sil?????
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umm, it's just another mod for emule?

Emule is open source (a good thing) anyone can make changes and release a modified version - with their own favourite 'tweaks'

There's quite a few mod'd versions of emule kicking about, emule plus is quite popular with some for the way it does releases of new files, quite neat.

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